The Humanitarian Innovation Platform (HIP) is a collaborative effort between humanitarian agencies to foster innovation and deliver smarter and more effective assistance to people in need. HIP has run a series of projects to build interest, capacity and the tools required to leverage innovation in humanitarian organizations, their program design and operations.

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The founding members: Norwegian Refugee Council, Save the Children Norway, Norwegian Church Aid and Norwegian Red Cross, engaged with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to explore how to build a collaborative and systematic approach to innovation across the humanitarian sector.

In 2016, Innovation Norway was tasked by MFA to facilitate the process of establishing HIP through the launch of the Humanitarian Innovation Program, a funding and competency initiative targeting innovation in the sector.

HIP was founded in 2017 and has since evolved from capacity building, tools creation and now project incubation.

2017 - HIP 1.0

Innovation within the humanitarian sector experience increasing focus, both by humanitarian actors themselves and from donors. There is significant potential for new developments and promising ideas to build on. To maximise the potential of generating innovative ideas and learning, collaboration between different actors is essential – including closer collaboration on innovation between humanitarian actors.  

The project had two key deliverables:

  • Workshops and seminars for key staff on the topic of innovation - what is it? Why is it important to the humanitarian sector? How do we start approaching it?

  • Tinkr, a consultancy company, conducted Innovation Audit Reports of each of the participating organizations to map interest, engagement and capacity for innovation.


2018 - HIP 2.0

In follow up of the success of HIP 1.0, the consortium was renewed for a second period where the focus was on developing specific tools that are relevant to different aspects of an innovation process. See Tools for more information. 

2019 - HIP 3.0

After the initial phases, the organizations have now come together to work on common problem statements and incubate projects that can solve problems at scale. See DIGID for more information about the ongoing Dignified ID project.