Dignified Identities (DIGID) in Cash Programming

Due to lack of recognized proof of identity, roughly 1.5 billion individuals (World Bank, 2016) face challenges in accessing or enjoying basic rights and services such as voting, setting up a bank account, registering a business, land ownership, receiving social protection payments, school enrollment, and even humanitarian assistance.

Identity (ID) management remains one of the biggest challenges for humanitarian action. The causes for not having an official proof of identity varies. Some may have lost documents during a natural disaster or fleeing from conflict. Others have never owned an ID, due to cumbersome procedures, high costs, lack of knowledge on how to register for instance for a National Identity Card (NIC) or lack of feeder documents, such as birth registration. Lack of registration makes people “invisible” and hampers effective humanitarian assistance. Attempts to address this issue have been ad hoc and siloed within individual aid organizations.

We want to give control and ownership of personal data back to individuals, and out of multiple NGO systems, and at the same time increase collaboration between NGOs and their beneficiaries, with user consent as a key. Vulnerable populations and their contexts also introduce unique use cases and scenarios for technology, and we want to tackle the problem of Identities in a humanitarian context.

With support from Innovation Norway, four of Norway’s largest humanitarian organisations (Norwegian Red Cross, Save the Children Norway, Norwegian Refugee Council, Norwegian Church Aid) have come together to help tackle this challenge.

Learn more about the problem and access detailed personas in the Executive Summary.

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The DIGID team has now launched the official Request for Proposals to find a partner that we can join forces with in the next stage of this exciting journey. The Deadline to submit a proposal is 5 August, 2019 (12:00 CEST). Please access the documents and submission portal here.

We look forward to receiving your proposals!

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